Just 3 km from Vila Real de Santo António, this former fishing village, situated between a vast pine forest and the sea was a pioneer in tourist operation in the Algarve, with the construction of one of the first hotels in the area in the 60s.

With an extensive and beautiful beach, a mild climate and several pedestrian zones in cobblestone, Monte Gordo is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Algarve.

Monte Gordo also offers besides the beach other leisure activities, such as the Casino, and a large number of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy Algarve cuisine, rich in fish and seafood.


Founded in 1774 by order of the Marquis of Pombal, the city was built in less than two years on the sand near the mouth of the Guadiana.

The goal was to control trade in this important border point and develop fisheries, which later would arise the canning industry.

Today is a turning point city for trade and tourism, having the privilege of meeting the mouth of the Guadiana (which limits the spring), next to the beach (southern boundary), the pine forest (to the west) and Reserva Natural do Sapal (north).


The Vila Real Santo Antonio Sports Complex will get from 25 to 30 June 2018 the VI edition of "COPA GUADIANA".

This facility continues to receive youth soccer tournaments being a privileged space for sporting events because it offers unique conditions.

Ayutamiento DE AYAMONTE

Ayamonte has hosted over the years hundreds of cultural, social, festive and sporting activities, the city has been awarded several times during its long sports career for almost thirty years.

Striving to cover a fairly wide range of sporting activities such as: Judo, Sailing, Golf, Volleyball, Duathlon, Marathon.

You can visit natural beaches, Isla Canela, Punta del Moral Beach, Guadiana River and Nature Reserve marshes of Isla Cristina, of biological interest. The surface of this protected area is divided between the municipalities of Ayamonte and Isla Cristina.