About the Guadiana Cup

Through a partnership with CM VRSA to promote an event that will foster the sporting activity in the municipality and at the same time promote social and cultural activities, he was born The Guadiana Cup.
The main objective of this event is to provide young people from 8 to 14 years old soccer practice in interaction between child seeks essentially to staff training all participants (hence promoting participation with accommodation for these young participants are responsible for together with their colleagues and technical teams).
The child is particularly sensitive to the conditions of life that are imposed on him, responding, in turn, with behavioral changes. Sport will provide aid to young people and contribute to the determination of social, educational and cultural mechanisms conducive to their harmonious and balanced development.

At the end of the event our aim is that all its participants have acquired the following parameters:

Learning to know the benefits of sport;

Learning to live with others, what only the right team play;

Learning to be a citizen and athlete;

Encourage sportsmanship and good education among participants;

Encourage the personal relations of young people - with each other, with others, with coaches and with all people related to the sports society;

To create in the young the feeling of respect: for oneself, companions and technicians.

The summer's most competitive tournament in Portugal!

Presence of large badges. In 2019 were 145 teams, more than 2,500 athletes !!!

Between the days 22 and June 27, 2020The Vila Real de Santo António Municipality will again receive the largest Children's Football Tournament ever.

The VRSA Sports Complex continues to receive key events in the chapter on sport in Portugal, after several editions of the Guadiana Tournament, Football Mundialito, the European Athletics Championships Veterans and several Bowls clubs Champions European Athletics, the Algarve Youth Cup, Vila Real Santo Antonio sports Complex now receives VIII EDITION "COPA DO GUADIANA," it is arguably a privileged space for sporting events because it offers unique conditions, unmatched in Algarve soil.

The Municipality of Vila Real Santo António plus an extraordinary Sports Complex offers hotel units (Vila Real Santo Antonio, Monte Gordo and Manta Rota) Reference to welcome the teams and their companions.

Access to Beaches for leisure and entertainment is just 100 meters from the hotel units, the warm Mediterranean waters and the extensive and fine sandy make Monte Gordo Beach the best Algarve beach.

The eighth edition will be held from 22 the 27 June 2020 with the following steps:
2013/2012 - was 5
2011 - was 7
2010 - was 7
2009 - fut 7
2008 - fut 7
2007 - fut 7
2007 - was 11
2006 - was 11

All participants (athletes and staff) of the teams have access to GUADIANA BUS will be available to transport teams of hotel units to the Sports Complex 12h / day.

The Vila Real de Santo Antonio Sports Complex is equipped with:

Natural grass football pitches and artificial turf;

Tennis courts;

Covered with central ground;

Athletics track;

18 Balneários;

Exhibition center / leisure area covered more than 2 square kilometers;

Physiotherapy's clinic;

Food and beverage space;

2 car parking spaces.

You can already sign up for the Tournament "COPA DO GUADIANA". The range of offer of accommodation associated with the event guarantee conditions and quite affordable values to all participants.

All conditions are met for a week full of unique experiences, great players will be in Vila Real Santo António, and you ???

Don't miss it !!!